Monday, April 18, 2011

A long time coming

Hi! My name is Kayli and I’m a craftaholic. After threatening to build a blog for years, I’m finally giving in to the undercurrent of creative expression that has been building for years. I have been on a tear lately, oozing with creativity, and I just have to tell someone about it! Hopefully I can provide some inspiration and share what inspires me along the way.
First, a little about me. Since I can remember, I’ve been creating things. When I was in third grade, I got in trouble for having a sewing kit at recess (“Miss!! Kayli has needles and scissors on the playground!”), and by fifth grade, I was skipping recess to decorate my teacher’s bulletin boards. I started my job as a floral designer at 14 and worked in a flower shop through high school and college. There, I fell in love with flowers and the art of floral design, thorns and all. I dabbled as an art student, and eventually received my degree in public relations from Stephen F. Austin State University, where I now work as a writer and marketing specialist.
I do freelance wedding and event florals, photography, home décor and accessories and I started this blog because I couldn’t hide the cuteness that I’ve been creating in my craft room any longer!
I am also a bride-to-be and creating my DIY wedding has been as rewarding as it is challenging.  After making my own veil for THREE DOLLARS (I know!), I figured it was time to share some of my crafty ventures with you guys!
Yesterday was a particularly creative day for me. I made said veil, 10 boutonnières for the groomsman and my Etsy shop, and a few other goodies I will share with you soon.
It’s nice to meet you and keep coming back for tutorials, how-to’s and dos and don’ts of wedding planning!
 One of my favorites! Made of fowl feathers, a silk flower, old buttons, and a scrapbook brad all wrapped up in rustic jute twine. These are for our groomsmen and I can make many, many more if anyone is interested! May do a step-by-step to do it yourself for a bargain!

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