Friday, January 20, 2012

2012:In One Little Word

As I start my journey as a blogging newbie, my eyes have been opened to the virtual community that the blog world holds and the inspirational people along the way. I really started this as a way to write for myself, instead of as an assignment (my 9-to-5 is as a public relations writer). What I didn't expect was this underground energy of creative types like me, trying to find their purpose...trying to craft their passion into a plan for their lives.

So this is my first "link party"...I'm not even sure what I'm doing, but I saw a subtly inspiring post over at The Lettered Cottage, one of my blogger icons. It simply asked readers to post one word to think about and work toward in 2012. So simple, yet I was almost brought to tears by the other's word choices: courage, now, possible.

After reading a little blog post over at Design*Sponge by Mariah Danielson of Oh What Love,  I was so inspired by their Create + Connect Project, which encourages creative entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, and that a blissful and successful life as an artist is rewarding. That a leap of faith will change your life, and that a stumble does not equal failure.

I thought long and hard about MY word. It was a tie. My first thought was journey....the change, the unknown, the excitement that word entails. But when I really got down to it, my word was:

Purpose. Such a powerful conviction. I've always considered myself a "Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None." I'm so interested and inspired by so many things, but I lack focus to feel fulfilled in even one of my interests. Don't get me wrong...I really love my job. I have the creative freedom (for the most part) to do what I want, when I want to. But I feel there's this desire deep within that's dying to get create, to have purpose! To me, that word means crafting your life to follow God's plan, and being in tune with what makes you tick.

So I'm glad you're here... on my "purposeful journey" of sorts. :) I encourage you to visit the other posters on the link party. It's a unique look at the human side of people who may just be just like you..with .insecurities and vulnerabilities, but more importantly,  a desire to follow their hearts and find their purpose in this crazy beautiful life.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the king cake cupcake idea. Your photos from the ranch wedding are gorgeous- I am sucker for cotton! Happy blogging!
    :) Samantha

    PS- I am your newest follower.