Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new beginnings

Happy 2012! Back in the office after a blissful week of family, friends and festivities. We had Christmas at the Ranch, celebrated Derek's sister's wedding vow renewal, my 26th birthday, new years all in one week. On top of that, our offer was accepted on our first home!!! YAY!!! It's so very cute...surrounded by beautiful East Texas pine trees and brimming with potential. I can't wait to share some home improvement projects soon. Here it is:
Yes, I know, it's not a charming cottage, but I can't wait to transform it into the closest thing to it! Bring on the before and after pictures!

I believe this year will be full of new and exciting beginnings in my life.  I have been reading a book called The Happiness Project  by Grethen Rubin, and it's all about making small changes to make a profound difference in your everyday turn making you happier! Like the author, I'm not unhappy. Far from it actually. But we tend to get so bogged down and waste energy stressing, worrying and over-analyzing that we forget to savor the little things in life that make it so sweet.

SO...resolution time. You can hold me accountable for the following things this year (and more things if you think I'm just plain off-track or should definitely not eat that piece of cheesecake):

1.) Be a more thoughtful friend
We all have them in our lives...that person who does a simple thing to change your day around, gives you the perfect gift or calls you just because they know you might be having a tough day. I want that to be me! After being showered with love during our wedding, I realized how much a simple gesture can mean to people. So whether it be homemade gifts, a birthday card or a shoulder to cry on, I will make a conscious effort to be more thoughtful.

2.) Do something creative every day
I don't think it's a secret that being creative makes me tick and that creativity is just plain good for the soul. Writing this blog is a big step in this process. It doesn't matter the, artwork, design, writing....every single day, I will create or seek inspiration.

3.) Take better care of myself
I'm an incredibly self-indulgent person. A sucker for sweets, wine and good times. Of course, all of this is part of living a good and happy life, but your body can hate you for it. I'll sacrifice a night out here and there for an early next morning walk and coffee. I'll eat more organically from local farms and responsible food sources. My wallet and my body will thank me. :)

4.) Finish what I start
I'm SO terrible about not finishing what I start. My studio with orphaned half-done projects reflects that perfectly, along with a dozen half-read books on my shelf. This very blog almost suffered the same fate. But, no more! That's not to say that everything will be a masterpiece, or that some things won't be abandoned. If you aren't making mistakes, you aren't growing. It's learning from the mistakes and making them better next go round that is important.

5.) Live my dreams
This year, I want to not only contribute to other blogs, but also get into the art and antique show circuit. I've always loved seeking out handmade treasures, and I want to get in on all the fun! After talking with my talented sister-in-laws, we are making plans to be at the Fall 2012 Warrenton/Round Top Antique Days {The big daddy antique festival in Central Texas....If you haven't been, you're missing out!!} It will happen! Gathering up our wares and making a solid game plan to get out there!

There are plenty more things that I need to work on, I'm sure, but this is a good start. Thanks for hanging out on this journey of mine! Can't wait to share a year of inspiration with you! Wishing you good fortune and lots of love in 2012. xoxo Kayli

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  1. Congrats on the new house!!! We can't wait to come visit!