Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rustic wedding accessories, made with love

Better late than never, I had a chance to work on a new collection of rustic wedding accessories this weekend! I love taking a Sunday afternoon to just make pretty things. Such a stress reliever! My Etsy store is now respectably "stocked." :)

I ran across an awesome branch of cotton bolls (not cotton balls...that is the proper name I just found out) at a local antique market in town and got to work creating these little cuties:

Wouldn't they look fabulous for a rustic wedding? They were so fun to make that I made another dozen of these babies: 

I'm kicking myself because I bought these balsa wood flowers for my wedding from save-on-crafts.com (a great resource for DIY brides, by the way) and never used them! What a simple, affordable and reusable bout.

My last project was a replica of my hair fascinator at the wedding. I wanted to rock the bird cage veil SO bad, but in the elements of a ranch wedding, it wasn't happening. Not to mention, I don't think I could pull it off! But, I adore the look of it...so classic. SO, I bought a yard on Etsy and incorporated just a touch, along with a deconstructed silk rose and ostrich feathers. The result was pure cuteness!

Stylish, but without the commitment and fussiness. Very similar to my own:

{Photo by Nathan Addison}


If you know of any rustic brides, send them my way! I know it's hard to find the wedding details you want, and I'm here to help!

P. S. My big day will soon be featured on the fabulous Rustic Wedding Chic blog! Woohoo! I'll link back when it's published. :)

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Kayli

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