Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom makeover reveal

Hi friends!

It's been a long, paint-covered two weeks at Casa Cabeza but we are finally making some HEADway on our home improvements! Makes the exhaustion sooo worth it and the bubble baths mighty fine!

So, if you remember this, the Ugly Guest Bathroom was the first on my list to redo in the new house:

Icky! Well those "distressed" cabinets were a doozie, but my fabulous in-laws came to visit and help{That's the first time I've ever said that! ...in-laws that is...} :) We put our housewarming gift of an orbital sander to work and buffed out the ugly.

That, plus a few cans of paint and affordable accessories {$30 chunky mirror from Ross...holla!} we've transformed it into a serene spot. Check it out!

Ahhhh...mo betta!! it feels refreshed and calm. I immediately took a bubble bath and rewarded myself with a glass of pinot. The color is a nice aqua, "Cactus Blossom" by Olympic. It is perfect.

My $30 Target shower curtain, which I adore.

The existing baseboards were red cedar {yeehaw!} Part fear (what the heck is under there?) and part laziness errr.. resourcefulness.. led me to white wash the crown molding and I was head over heels for the results! I saw an easy tutorial here at Centsational Girl and went to town. It looks almost grayish, like weathered wood. The hubs said it looked like a beachhouse, so I knew it was a success!

And of course my little starfish from the beach to top it off!

I was so happy to cross this one off my list! Now it's peaceful and calm, clean (ish) and cottage-y.

I knocked out another big project last weekend, the fireplace mantle, while I had some extra helped and employed that white wash technique again since I loved it so!

Now to go pamper myself in the prettiest room of the house!



  1. Nice Kayli! Love the starfish addition to that white space, white on white!