Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation: Ugly Bathroom Makeover

Hi friends!

And now, to show you the eyesore I call my guest bathroom. We moved in just over two weeks ago, and this faux-finish faux-pax was the first on my to-do list of poor design decisions to change.

Sponge paint! Sheet mirror! World's worst attempt at distressing cabinets! Lordy mercy. I guess they were going for "rustic," and I can appreciate that, but this is just wronnnng.

Anyway, this weekend will begin the stripping down of the ugly and begin the spa-like transformation...I hope. Planning for a soothing shade of aqua, a chunky framed mirror, cottage accessories. (The only good thing about this room is the pretty ruffled shower curtain from Target....I had to have some sort of instant gratification!)

It's pretty rough, and the pictures actually make it somehow look livable. Sooo, I'm excited to show the after! Wish me luck!

What project do you plan to do this weekend?


  1. Now that's a project! Good luck- I can't wait to see the transformation. I know you'll make it look fabulous.
    ;) Samantha

  2. hi kayli! happy to find that you have a blog, and doing home renos too! we bought a home last year and are totally re-doing it. your powder bath with faux finished walls is eerily similar to mine. just about done with ours, i'll share the before & afters - can't wait to see how you transform yours!


  3. Thanks, girls! We now have a lovely aqua shade, and after a few bumps in the road, the cabinets are coming along. Paint alone made all the difference!

    @Lila, can't wait to see yours, too!