Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Spring Break Bachelorette Party: New Orleans style!

Hi friends! 

One of the biggest perks of working in higher education is about to commence...the coveted spring break {paid} off!! Woo Hoo! Since I could work, I always worked over spring break, so the blissful beach days and getaways were non-existent.


So, naturally, I have to take full advantage of this fact and take a road trip! {And boy, it couldn’t have come at a better time}  My lovely best friend is getting married in May and too has a spring break to take { she’s in doctoral school so she DEFINITELY could use a girls weekend} so…bachelorette party in New Orleans was the plan! It will be my first visit to New Orleans, unbelievably…I can almost taste the crawfish, jambalaya and hurricanes!


So with our destination set, I asked my new friend Lila over at The ConstantTourist to fill me in on the must-dos of the Crescent City, her current locale. She has an amazing food & travel blog full of mouth-watering recipes and details from her world travels. In other words, she is living the dream!  {sigh} 

The Constant Tourist, a must read

So, she was kind enough to write a post detailing the perfect inclusive itinerary for the ideal girl’s weekend in New Orleans, full of pampering and patios, brunching and gallivanting around. Read all about it here. It sounds incredible...and nothing like getting travel advice from a local!
So, last night, I was surrounded by glitter, feathers and mardi gras beads making super-cute masks for our masquerade night-out. Can’t wait to show them off, but they’re a secret for now.:)

I’ll be back next week with lots of fun pictures. Afterward, a whole week of landscaping, hammock-lounging, reading and crafting are in my future. Bout time! Les bon temps rouler, y’all!

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  1. have so much fun Kayli, and be sure to check in when you get home - i need to hear all about the debauchery!