Friday, April 20, 2012

Warrenton | Round Top Antique Days

The only thing I love more than going to the family ranch in Central Texas is going when the Warrenton/ Round Top Antiques Fair is in town! The Ranch is only 15 miles away from this junk-seeker's paradise that looks like it just popped up in the middle of a bluebonnet field. Friendly folks, one-of-a-kind finds and inspiration, to boot. And, lots of boots at that!

Some of my favorite scores were a funky olive 50's chair which I'll make a slipcover for soon, a couple shabby end tables that just need a little love and a can of paint, and some architectural details I'll turn into art! Always such fun to hunt for that perfect piece that speaks to you. Had a great time with my fabulous in-laws and enjoy some much-needed down time in God's Country!

Here are some of my faves from the weekend:

Me and my pickin' crew!
A little somethin' spunky I picked up from Misfit Mollies, a few gals from Wichita Falls.

Be still my gypsy heart! The coolest vendors post up in these cuties for the week
Shabby Chic chalk painted furniture while you wait? Yes, please!

These boots were made for walkin'

This cutie became my best friend :)

Oh so pretty lacy dresses

We have arrived!

World-famous Royer's Cafe where we have to-die-for apple pie!
Vintage camera collection

I'll take it all!
Love this jewelry display with vintage sheet music background.

AKA my house.

Me shopping for some vintage prom dresses!

 If you've never been, I implore you to pack your bags, grab your boots and hit the pavement for some serious inspiration and a good old-fashioned fun time in Texas! Planning a trip for my girlfriends in October for the biannual weekend of fun! For more information, visit!

Til next time, friends,



  1. I love it! And I'm SOOO jealous! There's nothing even remotely that cool by where I live... :( I will live vicariously through you. ;)

  2. Kayli, I usually go to Round Top for antique week every spring and fall, but this spring turned into a fall (I fell off a ladder) and my ankle was still too swollen for me to attend. That made me sad, but hey there's always another show around the corner. Love your photos and it looks like it was a great show. Which venue was your favorite?

  3. @Cassi- It would make for a killer road trip :)

    @Anita- I figured you might be a Round Top & Warrenton fan! Sorry to hear about your fall! This year's show was fabulous. The weather was perfect and I was excited to finally have a house to buy treasures for. We are big fans of the Warrenton side...Always seems to be more affordable and we always seem to find funky things. Wild March Hares is a personal favorite, and Jill Suzanne and Texas Trash & Treasures are so fun, too! It is a dream of mine to set up shop there out of an day! See you at the fall show...and be careful! :)

  4. Adding to my list Kayli, thank you! Have you been to the one in Canton?

  5. Lila- I have been to Canton. Warrenton is like that...on steroids! I go between shows to get my fix. It's only about two hours from me. So fun!

  6. Hey there (again!),
    We're planning on going to Antiques Weekend on August 29. The website is confusing to me though - where is the location or are there multiple locations?


  7. Hey Lila! SO thrilled you get to experience it for yourself! I believe it's Sept. 29- Oct. 6, and yes, it can be confusing on the web. I promise when you get there you will know you have arrived! The "main drag" is Texas 237 that stretches from Warrenton to Round Top. We usually come in at FM 1291 and turn left on 237 and you hit it almost immediately.

    There are several shows combined into one: Marburger Farm for the high end antiques, Warrenton for a mix of flea-market finds and boutiques, Round Top for a bit higher quality items as well. Other specialty shows are within Cole's, Zapp Hall, Blue Hills, The Marketplace and others. If you stay on that main drag, you will hit mostly all of them. Carmine has some good spots as well (a bit North of Round Top.) Unlike Canton, it is not confined to one area but rather spread for a few dozen miles. It is awesome!! Happy hunting!!