Friday, May 18, 2012

Pursuit of Passion

Hi friends!

Well, if my lack of updates lately tells you anything about my current state, it is very telling! Busy busy girl right now. I had a phenomenal experience at Texas School of Professional Photography...even more amazing than I thought it would be! Made great new friends, had fantastic instructors, had way too much should be illegal!  Trey and Elizabeth Homan of San Antonio opened their heart and soul, showed us the ins and outs of their incredible photography business and inspired us all to go out into our little worlds and make a difference with the art we make. Love it!

Here are a few of the fun shoots we got to do:

"Jersey Mike" was the only guy out of 30 girls...lucky man!

Gosh, now I know why photographers love dancers so much. Those girls were incredible! So, I've had the chance to help a few of my new friends from class with some design work, helping them revamp or design logos for their has been a blast! Now, I'm looking at my blog in a new light and will soon give it a little revamp of its own.

The magic of summer is right around the corner, so some much-needed down time is in store. After the wild whirlwind of a spring we've had, I can't wait to focus on ME for a while and what makes me really happy. A big part of what makes me happy is this blog, and every time I guiltily see that I've made a whopping ONE post a month, it makes me realize how much I'm neglecting my passion in pursuit of the busy-ness that consumes my world. Just barely keeping afloat.

So, starting at 5 p.m. today, I have a rare weekend at home, ALONE. Woo hoo! I can already feel the warm PJs and lounging coming on, AFTER I organize my craft room that currently looks like a Hobby Lobby explosion of glitter, beads and feathers. There is no better feeling than getting your house in order. It makes me so much more productive, in so many aspects of my life. 

So, bear with me as I get my blog in order as well. It needs a little TLC and I'm excited to give it the love it deserves! Have a good one, weekend warriors~

XOXO Kayli


  1. Absolutely stunning photos!!

  2. Thanks, Tabetha! Those pretty people made my job easy ;)