Friday, June 8, 2012

My Sister, The Rock Star

As I woke up this morning to the sound of the radio, a familiar voice came over the airwaves. My humble house guest made a call to a local morning show to talk about her upcoming performances in her favorite place to play-here in Nacogdoches.

My new sister, Season Ammons, is an incredibly talented singer/ songwriter who is currently on tour in Texas. I'm so blessed to have this blacktop blazin', true-blue rebel road sista in my life!

She recently moved to Destin, Fla., and has been showcasing her talent at beach-side venues, no doubt making a name for herself in her new locale. Her songs are an intoxicating mix of blues and soul, mixed with a some serious Texas attitude and sultry vocals. Basically, the first time I heard her sing, I got chills from head to toe. She is an award-winning songwriter, whose songs speak from the heart about life and love, heartache and hard times.

I'll never forget sitting around her kitchen table, coming up with melodies and crafting the perfect line of a song. She really pours her heart and soul into every performance and it is quite a refreshing sight to see. She also does a MEAN Rihanna remix....sista's got some SOUL for real!

So, on the first leg of her tour, she'll be playing here at the Texas Blueberry Festival AND, as if she wasn't talented enough, she also is an accomplished chef and she'll be doing a cooking demonstration at "Cooking up the Blues." She's "The Singing Chef," so she'll be multitasking! How cool is that?

To top it off, she'll be performing at the Hotel Fredonia and having a video premiere party! You can watch her music video to "I'm Alive" here. It was filmed in my old cottage and around my town. And, yes, that's our broke-down truck she's talking about!

So, do yourself a favor, go check out her music at, I promise you won't be disappointed! And like her on facebook while you're at it!
Can't wait to hang out with the more than 15 outlaw in-laws of mine this weekend. They sure know how to have a good time. Sure am blessed to have married into such an incredible family. :)

Love y'all and support your local musicians! It makes ya feel good!


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