Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Gypsy Came Wandering...

I have taken a huge step. After years of my undying, adamant claim to be a 100% dog lover and anti-cat person, a little kitten has walked into our life and softened my hard heart. 

Meet Gypsy: :)

Appropriate name, as this little cutie wandered into our yard, seemingly from out of nowhere. A girl after my own heart! I thought, surely, she must belong to someone, but no one has claimed her so far (and now I'm praying they won't!)  She is about two months old with big blue eyes and a ringed tail. She won us over with how snuggly and sweet she was. Even my manly husband couldn't resist!

The pups are still not sure about her, but I love this little addition to our little family!

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