Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shabby Chic Lamp Makeover Tutorial

Soooo, this was supposed to be my weekend of doing nothing. Obviously, the fact that I'm writing this blog post blows my cover. While I was on #5 {Make Something Beautiful}, well, I got antsy and decided it was time for a makeover! It was still the most therapeutic Saturday I've had in so long...getting in my studio makes me feel so alive. Let's just say I accomplished #5 with gusto. :)

My favorite of today's projects was making over this little lamp I've had my eye on forever. Since the move, my taste has changed tremendously. Black once adorned all my finishes, and heavy fabrics filled my home. I've wanted to "lighten up" lately, and this little baby was screaming for a quick makeover.

Too heavy, and not my style anymore. Buh-bye! So, I was inspired by all the multi-textured lampshades I've seen around Warrenton, and how romantic they look. I decided to strip off all the fabric, tearing it down to the bare bones. Now, before you start, be sure that the lamp shade frame is supported by an inner frame. otherwise, you'll have two frames and no support! Don't pass these up at a thrift store, y'all!

Next, I used some fabric remnants in the same shades. For this project, I used about 1/8 yard each of cream burlap, old 5" cream lace, white polyester lining and white lace ribbon. I torn or cut the fabric into 1" strips and began each with a knot at the bottom of the base. (Don't tie to the the middle part or they will spin around)

Interweave each strip of fabric between each texture. If the end doesn't meet the bottom, tie off and hot glue to the closest inner wire. (You can hide this later...Or don't! It adds to the shabby chic and imperfect look)

When all the holes are filled in, trim the edges ( especially the burlap!) and be sure that no fabric will be near the light bulb. I also painted the the base with a paint sample (Valspar, Dancing Lake) in a pale blue-green color.

And. voila! It looks even prettier with the soft light, illuminating the room. It's amazing how a little change will make such a difference!

Along with this beauty, I made a map monogram and a map picture frame which I'll share later. {my wanderlust obsession strikes again!} For tonight , talking about our dreams with my sweet husband and watching a good documentary! This Saturday was the best I've had in a while. :)



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  1. I love this! It is so darling. Your newest follower from the Sunday Showoff. :)

    By the way, my hubby was born in Nacogdoches!

  2. That's so cute!! I made something similar once, but yours is cuter!♥

  3. While on a yard sale recently, a lady gave me some prizes for buying a chair. She gave me an old porcelain bed pan and 2 small stained lamp shades. You've given me some great ideas for the shades. These will go perfect where I need some white accents. Got any for the bed pan?

  4. @Joy : first instinct pots! Kinda cheeky, don't ya think? Just drill holes in the bottom. :) On another note, I wish people would give me prizes at yard sales! Score! :)

  5. That is just as cute as it can be...thanks for inspiring me!