Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beauty of Doing Nothing

As another weekend approaches, I’m reminded, as I often am, of one of my favorite concepts from the book “Eat Pray Love:”

“Il bel far niente means 'the beauty of doing nothing'... [it] has always been a cherished Italian ideal. The beauty of doing nothing is the goal of all your work, the final accomplishment for which you are most highly congratulated. The more exquisitely and delightfully you can do nothing, the higher your life's achievement. –Eat Pray Love

When’s the last time you did nothing? A recent squirmy evening when we lost power for a day in a big rainstorm reminded me of this. Alone in our dark house, Derek and I were forced to do nothing–no surfing the Internet or keeping up with the latest TV shows. We had the gorgeous sound of pouring rain on our tin roof and each other. After the initial restlessness, it was absolutely liberating and calming. I looked at Derek and thought how it would have been centuries ago with no power, no technology–just soft candlelight and the sound of crickets at night.

After this wild week at work {magazine deadline week! Oy!}, I owe it to myself to have a BIG weekend full of…nothing. Oh, just the sound of that delights me more than another whirlwind weekend on the road! The perfect escape to my otherwise hectic world! As I look at my jam-packed fall calendar–full of meetings, deadlines, obligations {but with plenty of FUN as well}–I want nothing more than a weekend that is all mine.

So, maybe I won’t ACTUALLY be doing nothing. But maybe instead I’ll be snuggling up with a new book, listening to new music, baking a little something, just because. Maybe instead I’ll make up for lost time, take care of myself, indulge in moments of pure, blissful serenity. I’ll find the pleasure in doing EXACTLY what I want to do, if only for 55 hours. {Not that I’m counting!}

Now, you may think it is against principle of “Il Bel Far Niente” to make a list {old habits die hard!}, but this is one list I won’t mind crossing off. Here is my “Do Nothing” list for the weekend:

Now, doesn’t that sound beautiful? Take a little time to slow down and enjoy your one, crazy beautiful life. 


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