Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Barn Remodel & Ranch Life

Holy distressed wood! I'm in heaven!

The pretty pile below is my newest salvaged treasure from a place I've been in love with for a long time: a bright red 1870's barn at the ranch. Derek's parents are in the process of restoring this humble workshop into a unique loft and guest house. What a dream! 

"Blue Eyes" hanging in the future loft space. 

Measuring for windows

The original paint job with floor-to-ceiling- bright paint. I would have loved to see this back in the day! 

And so, demo begins! (Don't worry! This beautiful wood will be used in the ranch house and on pretty projects I get to create. Lucky me! )

Now if I could only clean up my wedding leftover mess...Oy! 
Just across the pasture, my fabulous inlaws are also getting ready to remodel the ranch house. Interestingly enough, the barn used to be the other half of their ranch house. One day, great grandma decided her house was just way too big and had it cut in half and "put out to pasture" (Literally!) So the ranch house still has some original elements (Like beautifully time-distressed painted hardwood floors! Be still my heart! 

Beautiful cedar rafters. 

A little arrangement I made of collected horse apples. I love the texture! 

We took a ride out the back hundred and spotted this fresh baby calf! So precious! There was also another baby born this weekend and I spooked it across the hay pasture, through two barbed-wire fences, and Derek's dad ended up having to chase her down and return her to mom. I just wanted to pet the baby! 

We took the four wheeler to one of the most special places in our lives...our wedding pasture! Look how green and beautiful it is! I can't believe this was the same site almost one year ago as our rustic ranch wedding.  That Texas drought is much improved and the grass is actually GREEN, not brown and dusty. Praise the Lord!

Our hand-built cedar arbor the boys put together. The white rocks are what is left of our aisle. Oh the memories! 

My love takin' a break in the wedding pasture. Almost one year! Can you believe it!?

The new big green tractor! 

"Ol Papa" taking a break. 

Cooling of in the redneck hot tub! 

There's a lot of work to go, but I can't wait to see the final product and, of course, help decorate it! Antique shops and junk markets, watch out! This place is so magical and Derek and I hope to end up there some time soon. I have the best inlaws and I'm so excited to see their dreams come true and be a part of it.

Til next time, sweet friends!


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  1. I used to have one of those "redneck hot tubs" when I lived in St Louis. My kids loved it on a hot summer day.