Thursday, October 4, 2012

Head Over Heels For...Branding + Packaging

Hi friends!

I'm having a "creative Thursday," getting lost in pretty things and gaining some inspiration. I try to take some time to do this once a week to refresh my brain and, well, stay motivated at the office! Trust me, it helps!

Ever since a friend posted a link on his fb to the CUTE boutique branding co. ( Imagineria Creative, go look-see) in the Dallas area, I've reawakened my love for typography and plain ol' good design. This is one of my favorite brand identities from Imaginaria:

Branding for Hip Peas in Dallas. Love the white & kraft paper!
All their branding projects are so fresh! Love!

I've always had an obsession with pretty papers, old letters and mail in general. Something so romantic and experiential about feeling paper. In the digital age, it's a refreshing tribute to a simpler time. The feeling of letterpress, silky papers and texture add so much to a brand. I was sure to incorporate lots of romance and texture into our wedding invites:

 I've been in the studio, designing some creations for my poor neglected Etsy shop, and will incorporate some fun and textural packaging. Because, after all, that's what makes buying handmade so special. Here are a few more looks that inspired me. (All from ... a great resource for graphic design inspiration.)


Stephania- Personal identity packaging
Denim Pavilion

How does your favorite brand make you feel? Can you incorporate that feeling into your products or communicate that with good branding and packaging?

 Have a happy, crafty Thursday!

xoxo Kayli


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