Friday, December 14, 2012

Elegant Winter Gala {Designed by me!}

I am on the heels of one of the biggest projects I've ever completed: designing the florals and some of the decor for a 400 person elegant gala.

Now, I've cut my teeth in the floral design industry in Dallas and have done several dozen weddings in my time, but this was my first solo gig as a designer.  They wanted simple, modern and elegant, and I was the gal to do it. It was maaah-velous dahling!

For the centerpieces, I used 8" by 24" cylinder vases, white sea glass and purple aqua lights topped with semi-submerged white dendrobium orchids. The lights added that perfect bit of glow.

I'm so glad I am still able to do something I'm passionate about on the side. The best part was that my hot date and I got to sit back afterward and admire all that hard work with some red wine and a fabulous three-course meal. And dress up pretty for once!

Can't wait to do it again next year {fingers crossed!}



Double LED aqua lights: Ebay! Holla! or
Vases: DFW Vases. Excellent source for all glassware.

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