Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom makeover reveal

Hi friends!

It's been a long, paint-covered two weeks at Casa Cabeza but we are finally making some HEADway on our home improvements! Makes the exhaustion sooo worth it and the bubble baths mighty fine!

So, if you remember this, the Ugly Guest Bathroom was the first on my list to redo in the new house:

Icky! Well those "distressed" cabinets were a doozie, but my fabulous in-laws came to visit and help{That's the first time I've ever said that! ...in-laws that is...} :) We put our housewarming gift of an orbital sander to work and buffed out the ugly.

That, plus a few cans of paint and affordable accessories {$30 chunky mirror from Ross...holla!} we've transformed it into a serene spot. Check it out!

Ahhhh...mo betta!! it feels refreshed and calm. I immediately took a bubble bath and rewarded myself with a glass of pinot. The color is a nice aqua, "Cactus Blossom" by Olympic. It is perfect.

My $30 Target shower curtain, which I adore.

The existing baseboards were red cedar {yeehaw!} Part fear (what the heck is under there?) and part laziness errr.. resourcefulness.. led me to white wash the crown molding and I was head over heels for the results! I saw an easy tutorial here at Centsational Girl and went to town. It looks almost grayish, like weathered wood. The hubs said it looked like a beachhouse, so I knew it was a success!

And of course my little starfish from the beach to top it off!

I was so happy to cross this one off my list! Now it's peaceful and calm, clean (ish) and cottage-y.

I knocked out another big project last weekend, the fireplace mantle, while I had some extra helped and employed that white wash technique again since I loved it so!

Now to go pamper myself in the prettiest room of the house!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Saying no to saying yes

OK, I’m about to sound like a self-help book. You’ve been warned.

But I think this will resonate with so many women, running around trying to be the perfect wife, mom, employee, volunteer, board member, party planner, cook, hostess, artist.

It’s exhausting! I’m learning the hard way that being a people pleaser and having the utmost guilt for saying “no” is so taxing on your spirit. Others can be so demanding of your time, and yet when it comes to taking care of ourselves and the ones we love most, or savoring a moment of bliss, we somehow feel like we don’t deserve it. When something comes up that threatens to sacrifice your perfect Sunday of doing nothing, you toss and turn over the decision to do something you definitely don’t want to do, but end up doing any way because you can’t say no. Like a hamster on a wheel of “busy.”

One of my very best friends is this way. She flits from obligation to obligation, always with a smile on her face. I don’t know how she does her life.  She is the ultimate “yes girl.” But I see in her tired eyes, it’s wearing her down.

I hate that every single day I say “I’m busy.” I can’t remember the last time I said I was bored.   

One of my favorite lines from Eat Pray Love was when they talked about the Italian phrase for “The Beauty of Doing Nothing.” –“il bel far niente.” I sure would make a great Italian.

Our priorities get out of whack and it’s just a draining feeling that affects every other aspect of our lives. (You mamas out there are probably saying “Just wait to you have kids.” I know. )

This makes me think of reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Are all of these obligations, meetings, boards, events, direct sale parties, banquets really making you happy? Or are they depriving you of your own well-being? Are they making you a better friend, a better spouse? When you don’t have enough time to make a thoughtful gesture, laugh over a home-cooked meal, visit with your grandparents, express yourself creatively…are you living the life you want to live?

There’s no better time than now to take stock of what makes you feel alive and what obligations drag you down. Sometimes saying no, is really saying yes.

Now, I'm going to go meditate on this as I drink a hot coffee and get a 90-minute massage. And I won't feel one bit bad about it!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craft Show Inspiration

Hi friends!

It has been a crazy week! My studio is still in boxes from the move, and I'm feeling bad about not getting my glue gun fired up and telling y'all about it. Creativity is really what moves me! I go stir crazy without making things.

But I better get on it fast because I've been accepted to do my first-ever craft show! Woo hoo! I've wanted to do one for years, and I've always been entranced by the lovely displays at Round Top, Texas...dripping with vintage linens and cute bunting, luring you in to check out their treasures, odds and ends. 

So, since the studio's out of commission for the next week or so, I've been dreaming up displays and getting tons of inspiration from Pinterest. I stumbled upon a great comprehensive list for craft show virgins like me at Mermaid's Closet...If you're ever thinking about getting your feet wet at a market, it is a must read! Can't wait to hit up some thrift stores to find some great props.

And the pictures, well, swoon!!! Here are some of my favorites:

 Cute chicken wire frames at ittybittybirdy

Gorgeous rustic display by Urban Heirloom! Weathered wood is a fabulous backdrop to those delicate necklaces. Via oh, hello friend.

Suitcases: Storage + display. Lockette Paper & Fabric, via Mermaid's Closet
Love the darkroom-esque photo display by Mermaids Closet.
 A sunny yellow frame by Sunshine and Carousels.

Thanks for all the inspiration, ladies! Now it's time for me to get to work! Fellow Texans, come see me at Funky Finds in Longview on April 20 &21! It's all handmade goods...how sweet is that? Funky Finds also gives lots of fun crafty stuff away on their blog, too.

Wanna get warm fuzzies...support your local artists! I absolutely love buying from a friendly face whose own hands made something beautiful and unique.

Have a wonderful week and stay crafty!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation: Ugly Bathroom Makeover

Hi friends!

And now, to show you the eyesore I call my guest bathroom. We moved in just over two weeks ago, and this faux-finish faux-pax was the first on my to-do list of poor design decisions to change.

Sponge paint! Sheet mirror! World's worst attempt at distressing cabinets! Lordy mercy. I guess they were going for "rustic," and I can appreciate that, but this is just wronnnng.

Anyway, this weekend will begin the stripping down of the ugly and begin the spa-like transformation...I hope. Planning for a soothing shade of aqua, a chunky framed mirror, cottage accessories. (The only good thing about this room is the pretty ruffled shower curtain from Target....I had to have some sort of instant gratification!)

It's pretty rough, and the pictures actually make it somehow look livable. Sooo, I'm excited to show the after! Wish me luck!

What project do you plan to do this weekend?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rustic woodsy cupcake table display how to

Happy Friday, y'all!

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite aspects of our rustic wedding. I envisioned a woodsy cupcake display with layers of wood pieces, while incorporating vintage textiles, mismatched cake stands and dripping with twinkle lights. Swoon!

After trying to talk the boys into scouring the ranch for tree stumps and cut discs for me(and a few confused looks..."you want to do what?"), we had a rough layout of the display.

It was coming along! We used an 8 ft. table and found pieces of oak, cedar and sycamore. The key was having many levels to create depth, and using glass and metal cake stands to create a contrast.

For the big day, we draped a cream linen table cloth with a vintage lace tablecloth, then added the pieces of wood. (I put all the wood pieces in a large bin and taped a photo on top for my day-of wedding helpers) I intertwined a small strip of white Christmas lights and covered it with vintage lace curtains and doilies. I also scattered some bridal portraits throughout.

The final result was better than I had even pictured and was a huge hit!

I had three flavors and divided them in sections using little baby frames. All that texture was just heavenly!  And the cupcakes...to die for. We have a "his & hers" waiting for us in the freezer...Don't know if it will last til the fall because they were too yummy!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bring on Spring! A pretty picture....

I've been obsessed with tulip trees (also called Japanese magnolias or saucer magnolias) since I was a little girl and saw them on a trip to Marshall, Texas, where my dad grew up.

I noticed this glorious one set off by a bright blue house driving through Nacogdoches and have wanted to photograph it for years. I finally did today, and though it's not quite in full bloom yet, it makes me long for springtime and the lush East Texas landscape. My hubby is buying us one for our new yard as a Valentine's present. :) So sweet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For my friends at East Texas Etsy

I’m excited to start getting involved in the Etsy community and especially love getting to know talented designers right here in my beloved East Texas.

One of my teams, East Texas Etsy, is holding a logo design contest, so of course I had to throw in my two cents. This simple design was inspired by summer camps in the Piney Woods…and we all know East Texans are proud of their pine trees! (If you're on the team...vote for me ;) Check it out:

Kinda makes me want to plan a camping trip to Tyler State Park and go canoeing, maybe get a boy scout badge. This mild winter is definitely making me long for springtime!

This weekend we’ll be having a painting party at the new casa and the previous owner’s faux finish/faux pas will become my serene aqua retreat…Paint color is about the color of the blue in the logo….My favorite!

Love you guys,


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pardon the dustbunnies...We're moving!

Hello friends! I apologize for my lack of posting. We finally got moved into our first home! It looks like a tornado crashed through, but it's an exciting whirlwind! Of course, buying it, I was in a blissful fog of homeownership, and now, all the cracks and flaws have made themselves apparent.

But fixing it up will be half the fun! I see many home improvement projects in our future. Can't wait to show off the after. Here are just a few photos of the inside ( I apologize for the iPhone photos...the camera is packed up somewhere among the mess!). The yard is gigantic and has huge pine trees. Can't wait to string up a hammock and enjoy that woodsy smell of East Texas. Be in touch soon. xoxo Kayli