Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm London Olympics Bound!!!

Oh. Em. Gee. You just read that right. Is this real life? 

It was a one in 27 million change but, my husband and I just WON an all-expenses paid trip to the London Olympics in a sweepstakes from Visa! Yeah, those commercials you see! Hopefully Morgan Freeman will even be a voiceover for us!

So, last Monday Derek gets a call saying that we've won this trip to the Olympics. "Uhhh yeah right," I said. "That's definitely a scam." But as we looked more and more into it, we became cautiously optimistic. When the gal had us independently ask Visa for confirmation, we got the answer we desperately wished for! 

Unbeknownst to us, every time we used our Visa Check Card, we were automatically entered in this random drawing. The winning purchase was a $5 purchase at our local coffeehouse!

So now we are anxiously awaiting our {FREE!} 4-day, 3-night excursion to the world's biggest event! We find out tomorrow which events we get to watch. This is where we're staying, just a couple miles from Buckingham Palace:

My Olympics bucket list is to wear a gold medal, hug Michael Phelps, see the changing of the guards, have a pint at the Texas Embassy in London with some international friends, meet a gymnast and have a spot of tea! Can't wait to tell you all about it! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fabric Flowers on Canvas

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing an art piece I did for my college's annual 12 x 12 art scholarship fundraiser and silent auction. Dozens of local artists contribute one-of-a-kind pieces to be auctioned off to support art students. The committee begins by giving each artist a 12 x 12 white canvas and let them create whatever their heart desires! 

Ahhh. A blank white canvas. Such potential and possibilities. 

I decided to paint it a soft gray and envisioned a flowy 3d fabric flower design.

There is an excellent step-by-step tutorial on make these fabric flowers using a tealight at Simply Vintage Girl.  Playing with fire and crafts? Too much fun. I was really happy with the way they turned out and plan to incorporate them into some bridal fasicinators later.

I made a variety of sizes and shuffled them around til I made an organic shape that I liked.

After dry brushing some metallic white acrylic over the top of the gray, I hot glued away! I was really happy with the 3D look and soft, flowy design.  I sealed it with clear acrylic spray.

Is it bad that I want to keep it for myself? :) Looks too pretty on my new aqua walls in the studio, don't you think?  What are you making this week?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Seven Layer Dip Pita Pizza Recipe

As I was perusing the grocery store last week, I had my eye on some sinfully scrumptious seven-layer dip in the deli. Remembering my upcoming vacation, I decided to pass. But when hubs decided he wanted pizza, a light bulb went off.

Now, I am a huge fan of Mexican pizza and even recreated my own chicken nacho pizza recipe inspired by my favorite pizza shop, Antonios, in College Station. I’ve been using a lot of whole-wheat pitas in my cooking; not only for their nutritional value, but also their versatility. It’s a sandwich, a chip, bread and even pizza crust!

So my seven-layer dip pita pizzas were born. And the best part is, they are low calorie, vegetarian, and since they are personal size, can be topped to suit even the pickiest eaters. It’s the best of seven layer dip, without the guilt. 

Seven Layer Dip Pita Pizzas

(Serves 4)
4 whole wheat pitas (not sliced)
1 can fat-free refried beans           
8 oz. container light sour cream
1.5 cups of your favorite salsa
¼ c. pickled jalepenos (optional)
½ bu. green onions, diced
1 large tomato, diced
1 large avocado, diced
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese

(Optional toppings include diced chicken, pico de gallo, caramelized onions, diced pineapple)

Set oven to 350 degrees. Place pitas on an ungreased cookie sheet. Top pitas with ingredients in the order listed, dividing them equally between pitas. Cook for 14 minutes or until pita is crispy and all cheese is melted.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Head Over Heels for...

Hi friends! Hope you are all having a fabulous sticky sweet summer! In my ever-present quest of finding ways to stay inspired and keep up to date with posting here (how do my bloggy friends do it?), I've decided to do a weekly wrap up of things I'm "Head Over Heels" for....which is quite a lot! Here, I hope to share inspiring images and some things on my DIY to-do list. So, enjoy!

  • First up,  have you seen the new Junk Gypsies show on HGTV? I have been keeping up with the rebel road sistas since 2005, and it's amazing to watch their dreams coming true from the ground up! The sisters that make up the Junk Gypsy Co. is not only super creative and have built a style all their own. They may be hitting the big time, but when you meet them, you feel like you've know them for years. Their "Bohemian Bedroom" episode...OMG love. They will make you see junk in a whole other way and have been such an inspiration for my personal style. \

  • I'm writing this post to the sweet smell of the intoxicating "Creme Brule" candles at Jill Suzanne. A Warrenton antique days favorite of mine, her signature scent is the perfect backdrop to the delightful shopping experience, as you peruse the chippy-peely architectural details and hand-picked treasures. During my last trip to Warrenton, I pick up some deer antlers and bannister spindles from an old house, and even got to meet Jill herself. She is a doll! 

  •  This weekend, I plan to try my hand at making my own garlic-dill pickles. It seems like a challenge, but how fun would that be? There is a great tutorial at SimpleBites. They would make excellent gifts or party favors. Check these out from Project Wedding. So personal and yummy!

  • Speaking of making things, I've been so inspired by the healthy living site at Care2. Not only do they have delicious, natural recipes, but also some natural cleaning tips and beauty care. The cute "50 things to do with baking soda" posts you see on Pinterest? Yeah, this is a treasure trove. Bookmark it so you can visit again and again. I can't wait to try this all-natural detox bath. Ahhhh. A biggo batch of this would make a perfect gift, too. A dozen new essential oils are headed my way...can't wait to mix up some concoctions! 

What are you head over heels for at the moment? Any suggestions for me?