Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Raw Cotton Boll Boutonnieres

Hello, friends! I recently received a special delivery of fresh-picked raw cotton from outside of Lubbock, Texas. A sweet friend has entrusted me in creating some true-Texas boutonnieres for her big day. I was overjoyed to get that box full of rustic, rough and yet soft and sweet cotton, I tell you! 

So, some of you may know I got my start as a floral designer at the ripe age of 14, and made my first boutonniere while flirting with the cute boy next to me in horticulture class (funny what you remember). Luckily, I was (somewhat) paying attention, and have gone on to make thousands since. 

Today I'll share with you a few of my secrets!

DIY Raw Cotton Boll Boutonniere

Raw cotton bolls ( with at least a 1 inch stem)
Texas Tallow Berries ( See Save-on-Crafts for the cotton and berries)
Floral Tape
Hot glue
26 gauge floral wire (pictured is thick, but the thinner 26 gauge is preferred)


1. Choose a cotton boll with pretty compact cotton. If it is a bit loose, secure with a bit on hot glue in the center, and hide by fluffing the cotton around the hot glue. Wire together a piece of tallow berry and the cotton boll. Make a few loops and secure with hot glue. 


2. If you've never used floral tape, it takes some getting used to. Stretch it out and it becomes sticky. wrap the sticky part around your wire and keep stretching and wrapping about 1.5-2 inches down. Trim ends to about two inches. You don't want any wire to show. 

3. Tie one knot in the middle of the the stem and wrap downward. When you reach the bottom, wrap back up. This is a trick to hit that knot and keep it secure. 

4. When you reach the top, tie a knot or secure at the back with hot glue. 

And there you have it! The cotton pods also make really cute bouts if your cotton is too loose to use. 

Hope you love these, Julie! 

If you aren't the DIYer, I also carry these in my Etsy shop



  1. Hi, I am doing a little post on cotton tomorrow and found your blog! Love the little cotton bouts! I am your newest follower! xo

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