Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Head Over Heels for...

Happy Wednesday!

Y'all, I'll be quite honest. My mind is in the clouds for an exciting (but top secret) opportunity that is in the wings for me and my little family. It's stinkin' all I can think about, so words are just not coming to me today.

SO, I'll let this little collection of things I'm "Head Over Heels For" do the talking instead!

1. Romantic Anchors: Something about anchors are so romantic to me. I especially love this image and the beautiful typography.  Swoon! Click the source for a great collection of romantic anchor images. I also have anchor jewelry designs in my Etsy shop.


2. The Great Gatsby: I am SO thrilled The Great Gatsby movie is coming out later this year. It was one of my all-time favorite novels from high school, so I'm re-reading it before the movie comes out. And... Leonardo DiCaprio? Man, am I dreaming? Perfection.


3. Martha Stewart for Avery:  Have you seen this adorable line of Martha Stewart paper products and office supplies at Staples? Clean, fresh, cute as can be. I especially love the Kraft paper labels (bottom right)


4. OPI's "Berlin There Done That": My go-to shade this fall & winter. Understated and perfect.

5. Roku: We recently kissed cable TV goodbye and never looked back thanks to Roku. Now our days are filled with Wonder Years reruns (I love Kevin Arnold, can't help it) and FREE Fitness TV! WOohoo!


What's on your love list this week?



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  1. This is such a fun post! Also dangerous as I'm going to Staples tomorrow.. wish me luck at avoiding those martha stewart products..