Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mornings in the Ranch Workshop

You know that beautiful moment when work becomes play? When working with your hands feels so right and working hard at a labor of love makes you feel alive?

I had that wonderful feeling this weekend. As I was creating a tutorial for a local magazine, I asked my father-in-law to help me create some accessories in his workshop. Said workshop is an 1870's bright red barn with rusty tools and a cool breeze from the thousand Texas acres that surround it. You breath deeper, surrounded by peaceful hay fields, and it was the perfect inspiration for early-morning creating.

As I was hammering away at the metal, listening to old Hank Williams, I looked up at my father-in-law and said, "Man, I could do this all day." As he grinded down the metal, shaping it into my vision, he said "Me, too, Kayligirl."

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, dreaming about escaping the 9-5 and making a creative living. I so admire those who take that leap of faith and follow their bliss. The norm makes you believe you have to have the corner office, two cars, a mortgage and 2.5 kids to have that "American Dream." A "good" job is one that may seem glamorous, lucrative or prestigious, but every day that creative itch is quietly put aside for the sake of progress and a paycheck.

Later that night, my creative sister-in-law came down, telling me the progress of her first jewelry line that she started from the ground up. We talked for hours, and she encouraged me to do it now, and not to shut out that little voice telling me otherwise. Her story alone is inspiring. After having a great corporate job, she risked it all to design and fund the manufacture of a gorgeous jewelry line. She's a lot like me...sees things differently and has finally decided to pursue her true passion.

I think exploring that little spark that is the key to true happiness. Not money, or status, or material things. But that feeling of following your dream and the simple beauty of creating something from your heart.

I am at a crossroads. One where I can take the straight and narrow, stay with my steady job, make a decent living. Or one where I can take the road less travelled, following that inner compass, breaking away from "ordinary life" and making my own path. Big changes are brewing in my life, and I'm ready for an adventure. I want to live a story worth retelling. It's not going to be easy, but good stories rarely are predictable and often a challenge. And I'm OK with that.


  1. I couldn't hear you more...As I am sitting in my cubicle my own dreams are lingering in my head. There are tons of blogs of ladies who have done just what your sister-in-law has done and if it's really something you're leaning towards there are tons of inspirations and real guidelines and tips for such a big change. Best wishes on your future endeavors!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Chloe. Yes, being a part of the blogging community is such an inspiration. I figure if you surround yourself with those types of positive people, you can't go wrong.

  2. And did you take that last paragraph out of my head? I'm dealing with the same crossroad that you are. It's SCARY, man!!!! I wish you all the luck. This big kid stuff isn't easy. And I've never hammered metal but you make it sound like such a satisfying task. :)


    1. I think it's more common than we think. I think most people ignore it. I've been reading a great blog by my favorite author Donald Miller, and he writes about this a lot. So inspiring. Check this one out: http://storylineblog.com/2012/12/19/the-top-5-regrets-of-the-dying/ :)