Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Om {Nom Nom} - Loving Yoga & Carrot Apple Orange Juice

Namaste, friends.

It's the beginning of making good on that health, wellness, body and soul balance goal for 2013. Which, for me means getting back into the yoga practice I abandoned after an ankle injury. Seven months ago. Oy. My body is feeling that.

For Christmas, my sweet boy got me a gift certificate for a month-long yoga foundations course at our precious local yoga studio, Morning Glory Yoga. It is such a treasure in our small town...a restored 1890's building with exposed brick, hardwood floors and the smell of lavender and eucalyptus in the air. Such a serene oasis to escape everyday worries and gain inner peace.

Source: Morning Glory Yoga Studio

This class covers the basic poses and Sanskrit language, and basically makes me want to pull an Eat, Pray, Love and practice at an ashram in India. It feels so good!

Along with ramping up my physical health, I've also recently invested in a juicer and Derek has been fixing me fresh-pressed juice every morning. (I think I'll keep him!) I decided to do this after watching the documentary about a juice fast called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. I swear, all those Netflix documentaries are scaring me into good health!

Well, glad I got a juicer, because this stuff is SO delicious! As many people will tell you, don't let the weird colors fool you. Every one of them tastes like apples or ginger.

I'm working my way down this list at Williams-Sonoma based on what we've got at the farmer's market each week. So far we've tried #17- Carrot and Kale and #22-Green Juice (I used half the ginger can be really overpowering). On Sunday nights, I'll prep all the fruits and veggies and store them in gallon-size baggies. Easy for morning zombies like me!

The good stuff!

Here is one that I threw together this morning:

Carrot-Apple-Orange Juice

4 large carrots
2 medium pink apples (Honeycrisp are my all-time favorite for this)
2 Cutie oranges, peeled
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
4 celery sticks
small piece of ginger. (dime sized)

Each recipe makes enough for two servings, but be sure to drink them right away for the best taste.

Yum! Cheers to good health, and all those crazy concoctions I'll be mixing up!



  1. You are so organized! I have always wanted a juicer, but never really knew what I needed to make or how to. Maybe I'll ask for one for valentines ;) and give it a try. The carrot/apple juice does look good.

    1. Yes, definitely worth it! My juicer was like $30 from Walmart and we're really happy with it. And the kitchen is about the only place I'm organized or else I'd never eat right. :)