Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We're moving to the Hill Country, Y'all!

Well, my "inciting incident" (read: motivation to get me out of my comfort zone and follow my heart) is actually happening! My husband just accepted a wonderful job in the Texas Hill Country this week. In February, he will take on a "community transformation" project, encouraging residents to take up healthy lifestyles. (Right up his alley.)

And for me...well, I feel so full of possibilities. I think this is just the catalyst I needed to get "unstuck" and find my place in this world. We will be close to the family ranch, a hop skip and jump away from the creative mecca of Austin, and the cool blue waters of the San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers. In short, a perfect, inspiring place to be. 

Though it's bittersweet (I love my charming little town of Nacogdoches, as you can read here), the excitement is outweighing the risk and I think this will be such a positive change. So I'm embracing the change, praying for guidance and trusting that it's all part of God's plan.

 Here's a look around my new "home:"

The views (source)
The neighbors

The weeds

The mall
The backyard
The usual suspects (me and the girls in Austin, August 2011)
So CHEERS to the future, to change, to growth and to the new chapter in our lives!



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