Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stitch therapy- Hand-stitched embroidery hoops

Hi dear friends. Today, my love moved across the state to begin his new job. This will be the longest we've been apart...ever. Boo! So, I've thrown myself into making new things for the arts & crafts shows I'm planning to sell at this summer. Nothing like a little old hand-stitched embroidery to take your mind off some things! This was my first shot at it, and it's surprisingly therapuetic.
In my first project, I used the Bible verse from our wedding (Ruth 1:16) which is so apropos to our wanderlust style. Since we don't know where we'll be living, I threw in a cute little travel trailer for some wishful thinking. 

I also stitched a little reminder to keep me company for the next month or so. I love the way it looks with the doily! Shappy chic and so my style.

Although I'll miss my main man, I'm {secretly} excited to get some time alone to focus on my next steps and do some soul searching. Plus, making a lot of cute things to pass the time won't be so bad either!

What is your favorite craft to make when you want to relieve stress?


  1. girl, i love these! way to tackle a project and a goal :) i find myself painting when i need to make some art. or singing. or writing.. oh heck, any of it will do! maybe i'll try this craft!