Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking a load off

Hi friends,
 OK, DEEP POST ALERT. You've been warned. No sunshine and butterflies today.
Well, my life is currently flipped upside down in an exhilarating way. Derek begins his job 250 miles away in a week and a half. We are selling our home we just bought a year ago. Our future is unknown, uncertain, and brimming with possibilities. In short, it’s beautiful chaos.
So part of the big move is getting a handle on all the crap we’ve acquired over the years. Some back information on me: I’m a ruthless declutter-er. I’m not too sentimental and I am able to buy and sell things without care.
So why was this time so difficult for me? I looked around the house at the daunting task of minimalizing our belongings to just the bare minimums (in hopes of fulfilling my Airstream dream of living in an RV) and felt overwhelmed and overcome with emotion.
We just got married a year and a half ago, registered for all the pretty “necessities” that comes with it. We got boxes full of beautiful things from lovely guests to wish us well for the life we were supposed to live. And now, I almost feel burdened by it all. Is that an awful thing to say? Isn’t this what all newlyweds dream of…the new home full of pretty things, a handsome husband on their arm and a baby on the way? Am I crazy that a beat-up truck, old-school trailer, open road and simple love just sounds a hell of a lot better?
One thing I've learned for sure is to be very cautious of what I bring into my home/life. I'm seeing the difference between necessity and luxury in a whole new light. 
Our “living estate sale” is this weekend. We’re selling most of our things. It’s both liberating and terrifying.

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  1. love that you called it 'beautiful chaos' ! embrace the unknown, that's literally all there is. xoxo