Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreamcatcher quote printable

Dreamcatcher Dream Quote Printable. Click here to download.
Hey friends! Enjoy this 8x10 printable of a dreamcatcher I made and will be selling at craft shows this summer. That quote is so suitable to my life right now, as I'm trying my best to follow those dreams and start a new chapter! These pretties will be in my Etsy shop soon:

Gosh, if my posting history lately is any indication of my crazy life lately, it is right on target! But I'm happy to say our house has a buyer and we are on our way to moving west. And, I sold it myself without a realtor, for our asking price. I pretty much feel like a bad ass. Derek is loving his new job, and I can't wait to get there with him. I've been trying to pack up our little life and shed what's not neccessary. It is becoming less scary and more exciting. It's a process!

I'm still doing some soul searching as to my future profession. I am mostly excited to get to Austin and be surrounded by like-minded, creative people. It's what I'm lacking now, and I think being surrounded by inspiring artists will encourage me to follow my inner voice.

Bear with me, as I'm continuing to soul search and figure out the future path of my blogging endeavor. Spring feels like a great time to make changes, so I look forward to what's in store.



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